Additional Steps Users Can Take To Secure Your WhatsApp from Intruders

Ronal Yuliawan

secure your whatsapp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, already provides automatic protection with end-to-end encryption, ensuring only the sender and recipient can access the messages. However, in commemoration of Safer Internet Day on February 6, here are some additional steps users can take to enhance the security of their WhatsApp conversations:

Enable Two-Step Verification for Account Protection

Activate the two-step verification feature for an added layer of security. Once enabled, users will be prompted to enter a 6-digit PIN during account resets or verifications. This extra step offers increased protection against phishing attacks and unauthorized account attempts.

Always Use the Official WhatsApp App

Ensure you are using the latest version of the official WhatsApp app to guarantee message security and privacy. Verify the app’s legitimacy by checking the correct logo and the name “WhatsApp.” Fake applications pose security risks, such as spamming and fraudulent activities.

Protect Sensitive Information with Disappearing Messages

To enhance privacy in message delivery, utilize the “View Once” option when sending photos and media. This feature allows the recipient to view the message only once, with no option to save, forward, take screenshots, or share the message. Disappearing messages, turning off read receipts, and using temporary messages are additional features to safeguard crucial conversations.

Secure Private Conversations with “Chat Lock”

The “Chat Lock” feature adds an extra layer of security to specific private conversations. This feature stores certain chats in a dedicated folder accessible only to the user. Users can set a unique password different from the device password to protect conversations containing personal or financial information.

Be a Responsible Group Admin

As a group admin, manage WhatsApp groups to foster meaningful interactions. Admins can control who joins, limit member permissions, restrict changes to group details, and remove unwanted messages or members.

Guard Against Scams

Protect yourself from scams occurring through calls, emails, or messages. Pause and think before responding to suspicious messages requesting personal information. WhatsApp allows users to block unknown contacts instantly. Report and block suspicious contacts to ensure account security.

Silence Unknown Callers

Unknown calls can be disruptive. WhatsApp lets users mute calls from unknown numbers, automatically preventing spam and unwanted calls.

Link Devices Only from Trusted Sources

While WhatsApp enables linking up to four devices to the main phone for a seamless chat experience, ensure you link your devices using the official methods. Use the URL or download the official app from or app store. Users can also review connected devices in Settings > Linked Devices and choose to log out of unrecognized devices.

Perform Privacy Checks

If uncertain about the ideal privacy settings, conduct a privacy check within the WhatsApp application. Users can explore and activate features that keep conversations secure, all conveniently located in one place.

By following these additional steps, WhatsApp users can fortify the security of their conversations and enjoy a safer online experience.